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What is MotracUK™?

MotracUK™ is a motor trade management software suite consisting of Workshop, Display and Sales modules.

You can utilise any or all of the modules depending on the requirements of your business.

If you have a UK AutoTrader website, MotracUK™ can automatically retrieve your vehicle stocklist and allow you to select the details of any vehicle for your new or used vehicles Sales Invoices.

If your business is UK based, MotracUK™ enables you personally to take advantage of the Royal Mail's online Postcode finder and retrieve the full address of any customer, providing you know their postcode.

This information is automatically entered into any of the MotracUK™ modules thus guaranteeing your customer details are accurate.

This ensures that all your MotracUK™ documentation is of the highest quality, reflecting the reputation of your business!

For further help and information, visit the MotracUK™ FAQ, online help, forum, and tutorials.

So why not download your free 30 day evaluation copy today and get started.

Free forum membership and lifetime email support is included with all modules!

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