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What are the MotracUK™ FAQs?

You may find answers here to some of the frequently asked questions about MotracUK™.

The FAQs cover the Display, Sales and Workshop modules.
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PDFcommander™ provides a secure working environment for the creation, enhancement, storage and retrieval of both source files and PDFs.

The actual creation of a PDF is only a small part of what is required to enable you to optimize the use of your PDFs.

As a database application, it's the ability to 'remember' everything that sets PDFcommander™ apart from applications that simply generate PDFs.

PDFcommander™ can see each page in a PDF individually. This means you can reorder pages from different source files before concatenation.

For instance, should you wish to create a PDF consisting of 5 MS Word pages followed by 2 MS Excel pages followed by another 3 MS Word pages, you simply create an MS Word document with 8 pages and an MS Excel worksheet with 2 pages.

You can then reorder the pages to suit before concatenation.

You can use PDFcommander™ in a simple casual way by printing through any Windows application or dragging and dropping files, URLs, links or Internet Favorites onto PDFcommander™.

Alternatively, through an easy to understand interface, you can take advantage of PDFcommander™'s 'Enhancements' to present your information in a highly professional manner .

Simple or sophisticated - PDFcommander™ does it all and remembers everything for the next time!

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